What is RRR And How Can You Find it?

RRR which refers to Remita Retrieval Reference is a 12-digit code that identifies every payment made on the Remita platform.

What is Remita?

Remita is an innovative way to manage electronic payments, collections, employees payrolls and schedules, which encompasses all the commercial banks. It is very powerful, and it allows people and organizations to process intricate and complex financial operations while being intuitive and simple itself.

Nowadays, many Nigerians, both individuals and organizations, use this convenient platform to process their transactions. Each month, more than ‎₦500 million goes through the Remita system. Introduced by the Nigerian Federal Government and implemented by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), the system is recognized by all of the Nigerian commercial banks and more than 400 small banks.

So far, it has been a revolutionary instrument for electronic payments in Nigeria. It was created by the company called SystemSpecs and has received numerous wins in the category Software of the Year in Nigeria.

Many Schools have also implemented this payment system as a primary method for payment in their institutions and CRUTECH is not left out.

How Can I Get My RRR?

The Remita Retrieval Reference code is found on every invoice generated on a website whose primary payment gateway is Remita. If you generate your school fee invoice (authority to pay) on the school portal, you will find your RRR code at the top right hand corner. This code will enable you to make your payment in any bank, verify your payment and print your school fee receipt.

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