Management Promises Learning Facilities and Hostel Extension By March 2018

Following a press release from the school management signed by the school registrar, many promises for the provision of improved infrastructure and learning facilities were made. Below are a few noteworthy ones:

  1. Provision of sufficient plastic chairs and tables for use in the large halls located in the new science blocks and uncompleted Assembly Hall by the Hostels.
  2. Provision of desks for use in the New Education Block and rehabilitation work on all desks in the ETF and Prefab lecture halls.
  3. Completely setting up the NDDC Hostel for the relocation of all male students from early march and allocation of Halls 1, 2 and 3 to females only.

Students needing hostel will soon be invited to make payment to secure hostel accommodation.

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  1. CrutechNews, please impress it on the University management to provide adequate security personnel mostly at night in the female hostels.
    A situation where by one security staff man hall 3 in the evening and by 10pm no security staff is found around doesn’t​ speak well of the University authorities considering the prevailing volatile cult related activities on campus.
    “A stitch in time” they say “saves nine”.

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