Frequently Asked Questions & Answers [CRUTECH Admissions 2017/2018]

**some questions have been further explained and corrected (Q7 & Q14)**

We have received dozens of calls from aspirants of the Cross River University of Technology asking alot of questions about the processes involved from the registration to the payment of acceptance and school fees. This post is therefore necessary to help aspirants (admitted or non-admitted) find their way and get a hang of the admission process of the school they are about to get into.

This post was composed from questions that have been asked repeatedly. If you have more questions you will like us to answer, please ask below in the comment section or send it as a text message to 08179835465 and we will add it up in a few minutes. LEGGO!

Q1: When will the second choice/supplementary registration close?

Answer: 5th January, 2018 (no more extension)

Q2: Has 2nd choice supplementary admission list been released?

Answer: Yes, follow this link for more information >> 2017/18 CRUTECH 2nd Choice & Supplementary Admission List

Q3: When will acceptance fee payment begin?

Answer: 5th January, 2018. The same date the registration ends. It will span for two weeks.

Q4: Is it possible to be given admission through first choice in supplementary list?

Answer: No, but the admission status is still checked the same way for first choice and second choice/supplementary.

Q5: What is the difference between second choice and supplementary?

Answer: Second choice candidates selected CRUTECH as second choice during JAMB registration while supplementary candidates didn’t select CRUTECH as first or second choice but still want to apply for the school.

Q6: I have been offered admission, what next?

Answer: Acceptance fee, school fee payment and other necessary departmental/faculty registrations.

Q7: Can I pay my acceptance fee online?

Answer: Update: Yes, you can. While it’s advisable to appear physically in school, you can pay your acceptance fee and school fee online, print your acceptance form, admission letter and fee chart. Your receipts can be stamped on a later date when you physically appear in school in your various departments/faculties.

Q8: I don’t like the department I was given, can I change in my year 2?

Answer: No No No. Once admitted, there you remain till graduation

Q9: Can I pay my school fee in installments?

Answer: Sadly, no. For this year admissions, you are required to pay full.

Q10: When is one expected to accept admission in jamb caps? Is it after or before admission is given?

Answer: You have to be given admission first before you can accept or reject.

Q11: When will school resume?

Answer: 8th january for freshers and staffs, 15th for returning students

Q12: How much is CRUTECH acceptance fee?

Answer: #10,000

Q13: How much is CRUTECH school fees for freshers?

Answer: #73,380 for indigene and #85,380 for non-indigene (more or less #1000)

Q14: Can I pay my acceptance fee and later pay my school fees?

Answer: Update: Yes, you can. You can first pay your acceptance fee and pay your school fees on a later date. But the payment of school fee must be before your matriculation otherwise you forfeit your admission.

New Questions…

Q15: Please what’s happening to direct entry students? I have not seen any direct entry student admitted. How do we check our status?

Answer: Many direct entry candidates have been admitted already, you can check your status the same way UTME candidates check theirs. Here is a link to the tutorial >> How to Check Your 2017/2018 First Choice Admission Status. N/B: Direct entry candidates for CIVIL ENGINEERING are yet to be processed.

Q16: When is the acceptance fee and school fee deadline for payment?

Answer: Two weeks from 5th January, 2018

Q17: After acceptance fee what next?

Answer: School fee payment, departmental/faculty registrations

Q18: Is the school fees part of the hostel fees?

Answer: No, hostel fee is different. When you pay your acceptance fee you will be able to print your Fee Chart where you’ll see a breakdown of your school fee.

Q19: Can returning students pay their fees in installments?

Answer: Yes, of course they can

Q20: Please can I still do change of institution to CRUTECH and get the supplementary form with admission guarantee?

Answer: With the right UTME score and O-level results, sure. But you’ll have limited departments to select from.

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If you have more questions you will like us to answer, please ask below in the comment section or send it as a text message to 08179835465 and we will add it up in a few minutes.

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  1. Q9: Can I pay my school fee in installments?
    Answer: Sadly, no. For this year admissions, you are required to pay full.

    my question is, what about returning student, their school fees, can they pay their fees by installments?

  2. I applied for the 2nd choice and supplementary form in Crutech,
    My question goes thus i have seen instances in this year admission that is till ongoing whereby candidates are admitted in their school of choice and even paid acceptance fee and started registration but their caps on their jamb profile is till showing NOT ADMITTED,
    If a candidate in Crutech fall into this category what should be the next approach.
    Pls I need urgent answer

    1. In CRUTECH, acceptance fee payment cannot be made without accepting your admission on JAMB CAPS. And from Q10 you can see that admission must be offered first before you can acccept.

      “NOT ADMITTED” admission status implies that your details haven’t been processed yet by the school… Until this is processed and sent to JAMB your status will remain that way and this will make it impossible to pay acceptance fee in CRUTECH.

      I hope my answer is satisfying enough.

      You can ask further questions for clarification.

  3. kindly assist the fresher’s for this academic session to
    state all the documents needed for registration in school
    before coming to start up their registration proper on this platform.

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