100 Level Mechanical Engineering CRUTECH Student Gets Electrocuted to Death

Inyang David David, a 15 year old 100 level mechanical engineering student has been reported dead by intense electrocution from a high tension cable.

This latest incident that occurred at 14, Adak Uko Street in Calabar on Monday night, the 23rd of October, 2017 is coming seven months after a high-tension cable fell on the roof of a football viewing centre in Nyagasang, killing nine football fans.

An eyewitness and the landlord of the building, who simply gave his name as Mr. Obo, said the cable had always been falling in the past, but this time was the first time it fell on the roof and caused a fire incident.

A close friend and colleague of David (the deceased) by name Emmanuel Edem granted Crutechnews.com an exclusive interview on facebook. You can read the interview below:

Cnews Reporter: Are you a close friend of the deceased student?

Emmanuel: Yes, I am

Cnews Reporter: What was his name? Full name

Emmanuel: Inyang David David

Cnews Reporter: What department was he?

Emmaunel: Mechanical Engineering

Cnews Reporter: Do you have any idea where he was from? State and LGA?

Emmanuel: It seems he is from calabar south, am not really sure

Cnews Reporter: How close were you to the deceased?

Emmanuel: Closest

Cnews Reporter: Oh…So sorry for your loss

Emmanuel: Thanks

Cnews Reporter: How old was he?

Emmanuel: 15

Cnews Reporter: 15? For real?

Emmanuel: Yes, that’s what he told me

Cnews Reporter: What level was he?

Emmanuel: 100 level, going to 200 now

Cnews Reporter: Can you briefly describe what happened?

Emmanuel: It was caused by high tension wire that fell on his house so his mother tried to hold him and drag him out but the fire dragged the mom to one side and she was burnt but she’s in the hospital now and he went out and hugged the transformer and it drained him out for more than 30 minutes.

Cnews Reporter: He hugged the transformer? Why did he do that?

Emmanuel: He did not know where he was going to so as he touched it the thing drained him out

Cnews Reporter: This happened around what time?

Emmanuel: Day before yesterday in the night

Cnews Reporter: Late night like from 9pm?

Emmanuel: Yes

Cnews ReporterThank you for your time Emmanuel

Emmanuel: Thanks bro

Cnews Reporter: Would you like us to include your name on this report?

Emmanuel: No problem

One of the victims, Mr. Itorobong Akpan, said property worth millions of naira alongside over 20 apartments, were destroyed by the inferno.

“This is the fifth time this year that this high tension cable has fallen. Yesterday, around 8:00p.m. we heard a sudden sound, the cable fell and landed on our roof. There was a huge vibration and this lit up the whole compound,” he said.

Akpan further disclosed that most occupants of the building were around when the inferno occurred but the young boy who died ran out of his apartment and touched an antenna pole and got electrocuted while the lady who died owns a steel provisions store in the compound. She touched the steel housing her store and also got electrocuted.

“During the electrocution, I told those who were inside their apartments to remain inside and they heeded my advice, that was why a lot of lives were saved. It could have been worse. I was also inside my shop until the electrocution ceased,” he said.

Meanwhile, students of CRUTECH stormed the Governor’s Office in Calabar, demanding that the spate of electrocution in the state should stop. A student, Tolale Prince Harmony, friend of the deceased, said “each time there is damage to any cable, they keep directing us to call Port Harcourt. I am wondering, what does Port Harcourt have to do with this?

“During the fire, they called the fire service and they said no water, no impress. I am just tired of this country. The cable fell on the building and killed Inyang David and another lady, who just gave birth, and did her child dedication two Sundays ago.”

The Special Adviser to the governor on Student Affairs, Prince Michael Abuo, said the governor is going to ensure the issue is addressed. The Acting Chief Executive Officer, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED), Mr. Kingsley Achife, has commiserated with the families of those who died in the electrical accident. He also sympathized with those whose houses were burnt during the incident.

credit: guardiannationalaccordnewspaper.com | dailypost

See More Photos of David Below:

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